“Grand Piano”

A new feature film “Grand Piano” is due out later this year. It features Elijah Wood as a concert pianist and he is seen playing the piano for much of the film. John Lenehan is the real pianist playing a concerto written for the film by Victor Reyes as a tense psychological thriller unfolds…..

This was an exciting and challenging project for John as not only was he engaged to play the tremendously demanding score but also to advise on the piano writing from a technical perspective. The composer Victor Reyes described the music as his “Octopus Concerto” and indeed 8 hands would have come in handy said John! Oh…..and all this was accomplished in a week and recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London – the orchestra having previously been recorded in Prague.

Elijah Wood has described the film as follows….

“Its extremely Hitchcockian. Its essentially a heist over the course of a classical piano performance in a concert hall. The pianist that I play is essentially being held hostage and being told to play and not to miss a note, or hell be shot or his wife will be shot. The script is exhilarating. I really never read anything quite like it. Its incredibly suspenseful in a really classical way.”

Look out for the film’s release around September time.


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